About the blog

Diákcsoda is a professional and personal blog that delves into the world of education. It is a successor of my blog A Tüskevár Apródja, which presented stories of children with special educational needs in an inclusive school. I created this site to go beyond special needs, and, as a twenty-first century teacher, publish articles on pedagogy, methodology and educational issues. A wide range of genres are covered from theoretical contemplation and practical tips through personal accounts and interviews. Following the footsteps of my former blog, I wish to maintain the same degree of directness by presenting the stories through my glasses.

The two main goals of my blog are to inspire and spark conversation. By regularly sharing my professional life online, I seek to openly advocate a pedagogical approach that I consider to be beneficial, including all successes and failures that come with it. You can also find useful links besides the articles.

About me

My name is Zsombor Váczi. I am a teacher of English, Hungarian as a foreign language, and also a certified special needs teacher assistant. I have been teaching English passionately to people of all ages since 2009. My career began with years of private teaching, which has remained an important part of my life up to this day. In 2011, I founded a conversation club called TAKE FIVE – English Language Club. In the September of 2016, I started to work at Tüskevár Elementary and High School, and in 2017, I became form teacher of the seventh grade. It was the first time this year for me to teach my mother tongue at a language school.

Besides teaching, I’m also interested in film-making. During my BA years, my minor was film theory and film history, and I spent half a year at Budapest Film Academy, where I studied directing and writing. In my free time I enjoy the company of my guitars, but what I like even better is: having conversations with people. So if you are visiting Budapest, and you’d like to discuss anything you found on this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me.