TAKE FIVE (English)

TAKE FIVE – English Language Club is a conversation club that first opened its doors in the fall of 2011. In the beginning we gathered in an empty room of an art gallery. Today I run the club with my two enthusiastic fellow organizers, Era and Balázs. There are sessions every second Thursday at CDFŰ Kultúrpince, a teahouse and bar near Kálvin square. Anyone who wants to brush up on their spoken English is welcome to join us. We start every session with an introductory round and ice-breakers, then we draw an interesting topic from the hat. We always discuss the topic in small groups. In the second half of the event we play creative and language-based games. If you’ve become interested, visit our Facebook page to see the latest event.

Our official website: http://take5club.net
Our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/take5club